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Why Give?

AFPE relies on annual contributions from individuals and organizations to help achieve our mission to support the education of outstanding students in the pharmaceutical sciences.

AFPE Fellowship award recipients experience a sense of pride and accomplishment, encouraged by the fact that their possibilities having been recognized. They also have a sense of relief that AFPE financial support helps to enable them to remain in school. 

This year, AFPE had a record number of applicants from more than 40 prestigious schools of pharmacy across the country. While it was inspiring to receive applications from so many academically accomplished and passionate students, the Board of Grants had the difficult task of selecting a limited number to receive an award.

Won’t you join AFPE in fueling the pharmaceutical education pipeline, where AFPE’s commitment has been unwavering during the past seven decades?

AFPE fellowships are supported by donors like you.


Research Areas

Supported by AFPE

2015 AFPE Fellows are making ad
vances in a wide variety of disciplines, including Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Social and Administrative Sciences, and others.

·         Animal disease models
·         Animal genetics
·         Bacterial evolutionary genomics
·         Behavioral modification
·         Biological synthesis
·         Cancer biology
·         Candidate drug optimization
·         Cellular disease models
·         Chemical synthesis
·         Communicable disease network modeling and tracking
·         Drug design and synthesis
·         Drug distribution
·         Drug formulation
·         Drug mechanism elucidation
·         Drug resistance
·         Drug synthesis
·         Drug target identification
·         Enzymology
·         Health behavior modification
·         Health intervention trial
·         Health policy assessment
·         Immunology
·         In silico drug binding and modeling
·         In vitro enzyme specificity and kinetics
·         In vitro-in vivo translation
·         Inhaled drug delivery
·         Lead compound identification and optimization
·         Liposomal formulation
·         Manufacturing scalability optimization
·         Microbiology
·         Molecular biology
·         Natural product drug discovery
·         Network resource allocation optimization
·         Neurochemistry
·         Neuropharmacology
·         Novel drug discovery and delivery systems
·         Novel formulation development
·         Novel target identification
·         Novel therapeutic screening
·         Novel vaccine formulation
·         Pharmaceutics
·         Pharmacokinetic determinants
·         Pharmacokinetics
·         Pharmacology
·         Pharmacometrics
·         Pharmacy student training
·         Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling
·         PK-PD modeling
·         Population research
·         Preclinical drug development
·         Preclinical efficacy testing
·         Prognostic maker identification
·         Solubility and stability modeling
·         Topical drug delivery
·         Toxicogenomics
·         Toxicology
·         Targeted drug delivery development
·         Transitions of Care (Older Adults)
·         Tumor biology
·         Virology 

Tax Status

AFPE is exempt from federal income tax under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are deductible for corporate and individual donors. Contributions to AFPE are tax deductible under Section 170, 1954 and Section 509 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code.