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AFPE Fellows from 1942 to 2015


AFPE congratulates the 2015 awardees:

All 2015 awardees, with photos


For quick, text-only lists of 2014 awardees:

Pharmacy Faculty Development Fellows

2014 Gateway to Research Scholars

First Year Graduate School Fellows from Kappa EpsilonPhi Lambda Sigma, and Rho Chi

Pre-Doctoral Fellows in Pharmaceutical Sciences

AFPE Awardees, on Receiving the Award

Advocacy in Action

Selection as an AFPE Fellow gave me encouragement and recognition as a potential leader in the field of drug development and design. The financial stipend was crucial to my graduate study. Without it, I could not have continued and finished the program.

- Kuangshi Wu

The AFPE Fellowship contributed substantially to my preparations for a career in the pharmaceutical sciences. In addition to the prestige associated with this honor, the stipend permitted me to obtain resources essential for my professional development that are not available to most graduate students.

- Michael Moore

AFPE support has been instrumental to my academic preparation for a pharmaceutical sciences career. It has allowed me to pursue my own research, to seek answers to research questions that interest me, and to work in collaboration with accomplished scientists from many disciplines.

- Katrina Lexa

By having secured external funding fromAFPE in national competition, my advisor and department were willing to give me more opportunities, such as teaching pharmacy students and completing a grant writing class that helped me develop the important “soft” skills I need to be competitive for employment in industry, government, or academia.

- Marie Wehenkel


AFPE recently had the pleasure of meeting 2013 Fellow Colin A. Higgins when he visited Capitol Hill as an American Society for Pharmacology and Therapeutics Washington Fellow. This group is selected to meet with their Congressional representatives to impress upon them the importance of federal support for biomedical research on the current generation of scientists, their constituencies at large, and the nation as a whole. He also had the opportunity to interface with health and research policy experts to understand the details of the process and how scientists can best play a role in informing and shaping public discussion about policy issues that affect biomedical research. He would like to settle in California after completing his PhD in 2015.

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List of 2014 Fellows

List of 2013 Fellows