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In 1942, visionary pharmaceutical leaders of the National Drug Trade Conference (NDTC) organized the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) and unanimously endorsed its incorporation as an independent foundation to operate in perpetuity to advance and support pharmaceutical education in the United States. AFPE stands as the nation's oldest and largest pharmacy foundation.

Now for more than 70 years, AFPE has provided fellowships, scholarships, and grants to help educate thousands of the very best and brightest students in the pharmaceutical sciences in preparation for distinguished careers in industry and academia.

Support for Schools and Colleges of Pharmacy

1943-1946 Aid to Prevent Pharmacy College Closures during WWII
1944-1978 Pharmacy Student Scholarships 
1946-2013 Graduate Student Fellowships in Pharmaceutical Science
1985-2008 New Investigator Program for Pharmacy Faculty
1992-2008 Pharmacy Student “Gateway to Research” Scholarships
1992-2013 First Year Graduate School Scholarships

Pharmacy Faculty Research Grants

Support for American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
1944-1978 Pharmacy Student Recruitment
1945-1991 American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education
1946-1950 The Pharmaceutical Survey
1949-1978 Pharmacy Teacher Seminars
1966-1973 Visiting Lecturer Program
1967-1969 Education Survey
1968-1972 Inter-Institutional Pharmacology Program
1972-1973 The Millis Study Commission on Pharmacy
1979-1983 Council on Sections Special Projects Program
1985-1987 Commission on Graduate Education
1987 Executive Management in Colleges of Pharmacy (Seed Grant)
1989-1990 AACP Database Project
Support for Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
1944-2008 Grants to Support Pharmacy College Accreditation
2012 Grant to support ACPE Invitational Conference